Project Security Vessels

Project Security Vessel

Castor Vali provides high-quality security vessels with the specifications required to meet project criteria.

We supply security vessels with the certification, maintenance, endurance and classification to support long-term and short-term projects. Vessel selection is vital to the effectiveness of a security plan and Castor Vali has the experience and capability to accurately identify vessels suitable for our client’s scope of work. We have a significant network of vessel suppliers as well as a successful track record in chartering vessels in support of project work globally.

Castor Vali understands that vessel selection and arrangement is the largest security cost to any project and carries a degree of risk. To best support our clients, we will identify vessels that are well-known to us having been used for multiple operations in support of various projects.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their project dynamics, identify the requirements and combine this understanding with our thorough knowledge of the necessary vessel capabilities integral to supporting project work. Although not exhaustive, the list below illustrates the key criteria to consider when identifying a suitable security vessel.

  • Classification
  • Adequate berth spaces to accommodate the security team
  • Speed / interdiction capability
  • Navigation and radar capabilities
  • Communications
  • Fuel and water endurance
  • Consumption rates
  • Age of the vessel
  • Certification
  • Maintenance

Read more about our Security Escort Vessels (SEVs) in and out of all Nigerian ports and terminals and other national hubs within the Gulf of Guinea here.


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