West Africa – Security Escort Vessels

Security Escort Vehicle

We provide Security Escort Vessel (SEV) in and out of all Nigerian ports and terminals and other national hubs within the Gulf of Guinea.

Nigeria – Castor Vali Services Nigeria is a fully incorporated Nigeria entity, complaint to support our clients with armed escorts. We provide Security Escort Vessels to all maritime clients. Providing Navy approved vessels, ballistic and non-ballistic vessel options, full operational security support and coordination prior to and throughout all escort phases. We are pre-vetted and listed with the international oil companies (IOCs) as a vetted supplier and can provide support into any terminal or port location.

Wider region – We have a long and established relationship with regional host nation navy commanders to arrange the support of Navy escort vessels into all countries with a risk profile warranting armed escort support.

Our security solutions are compliant with both local and international law, conforming to Voluntary Principal Security Human Rights (VPSHR), Best Management Practice (BMP) West Africa and Rule for the Use of Force (RUF) procedures.

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