Security Escort Vessels – West Africa

Security Escort Vehicle

Castor Vali Services Nigeria provides Security Escort Vessels (SEVs) to support our clients operating within Nigerian Waters Economic Exclusion Zone and other national hubs within the Gulf of Guinea.

Castor Vali Services Nigeria (CVSN) is a fully compliant, Nigerian registered company operating, managing and mobilising our deep offshore security escort services from Port Harcourt and Lagos Ports 24/7/365 days of the year. We operate and manage both Ballistic and Non-Ballistic escort vessels with the capability to rendezvous with your vessel and crew from any range offshore and up to 200nm. Escort speeds can be provided up to 20 knots as required.

Castor Vali has a unique partnership providing our MOU complainant Nigerian Navy inspected and approved vessels to the commercial industry. We also carry approval from the top International Oil Companies to provide Security Escort Vessels to them within the region.

Our security solutions are operationally compliant with both local and international legislation. They conform to Voluntary Principal Security Human Rights (VPSHR) and Best Management Practice (BMP 5) in West Africa. As with all Castor Vali services, delivery meets the highest standards of quality control. This ensures our escorts are conducted safely whilst mitigating our client’s risks and providing value for money.



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