Libya – Migrant Security

Libya Migrant Security A support boat and 2 rafts filled with people

Castor Vali also specialises in providing mitigation and support measures to risks posed by migrant activity.

The situation offshore Libya is complex, mainly due to the number of migrants intensifying over recent years. In extreme cases, vessels have been hijacked and forced to sail to European countries. If operating offshore Libya for a sustained period, the likelihood of being involved in a migrant rescue or related issue is high. The planning and coordination of a potential rescue and the subsequent considerations for crew safety, as well as migrant control and welfare, form part of the essential preparation for any vessel operating in these waters. Castor Vali offers the necessary pre-voyage assessment, vessel preparation and onboard consultancy to mitigate these risks.

Castor Vali also provides essential vessel assessments and bespoke preparation before operations in high-risk areas in accordance with best management practices. Click here to find out more about our Vessel Hardening Vulnerability Assessment.


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