Secure Journey Management, Travel Risk Management and TrackAssist

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Castor Vali provides a comprehensive suite of travel security and journey management functions, which enable organisations to meet their duty-of-care requirements for travelling or deployed personnel.

Through our dedicated travel management cell and regional 24/7 operation centres in Nigeria and Kenya, we provide a full turnkey solution for all travellers throughout the African continent and beyond. Personnel are supported before, during and after travelling, through all stages of our risk management cycle.

Through our Travel Cell and smartphone TrackAssist platform, clients can expect to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Pre-journey country safety and security alerts and/or reports
  • 24/7 dedicated point of contact for all coordination and support
  • 24/7 mobile phone tracking and monitoring
  • Real-time alerts and advice
  • Travel updates
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Secure transportation
  • Scalable physical security solutions (e.g., close protection, escorts, etc.)
  • Approved hotel vulnerability assessments
  • Emergency response and support
  • Daily situation reports

Tracking and Monitoring (GSM and/or Satellite)

Castor Vali sees our Travel Risk Management Platform as a core component in ensuring personnel are appropriately supported while travelling, no matter the environment.

Under increasingly uncertain operating environments, a dedicated yet flexible tracking capability not only meets corporate duty-of-care requirements but also enables companies to respond effectively in case of an emergency. Castor Vali offers both a global system for mobile communications (GSM) and satellite tracking solutions.

It is critical to know the whereabouts of personnel at all times, locate them and action a response. Accurate information and reporting are critical when preparing to travel. By continually monitoring the areas travellers are visiting, allows for the mitigation of risk and the prediction of incidents before they develop and significantly impact travellers. See also our Security Information Services packages.

Regardless of how well-planned travel may be, incidents that are not anticipated and are beyond our control will inevitably occur. All the pre-information and planning will amount to nothing if employers are unable to locate and support their personnel in the locations in which they travel, should a security incident, road traffic accident or medical emergency occur.

The benefits of tracking and/or monitoring via TrackAssist:

  1. Know where your people are. Up-to-date tracking information at set reporting rates from once a minute up to every 24 hours. In the event of an emergency, the app will report at 15-second intervals.
  2. Communicate with your team. Send and receive messages from the app to the Castor Vali monitoring platform.
  3. Stay safe. Trigger a panic alarm on the app via a button or shake-to-panic feature to let people know if there is an emergency. Email and SMS notifications can alert your team for assistance.
  4. Personal privacy. Tracking can be turned off or restricted from within the app when not required. Panic alarms and remote polling will still work even if tracking is not activated.
  5. Stay secure. Messages, location reports and alerts are AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encrypted, the highest commercial encryption available.
  6. Trip Monitoring. Receive individual trip monitoring reports on travellers including Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) statistics regarding speeding, harsh acceleration and braking as well as telephone usage.

Accident Alerting

With road traffic accidents being among the highest risks for any company operating globally, Castor Vali’s apps trip monitoring software ensures the operations room is alerted in the event of an accident while travelling by road. The sensitive tracking app immediately detects a reduction.

Security SMS Alerting

From our 24/7 regional operation centres, Castor Vali delivers up-to-date, fast and efficient SMS alerts directly to your mobile phone, no matter the country or region. This service allows clients to receive timely information that may impact their business activities.

Secure Journey Management and Logistics

Castor Vali has a robust and well-tested process for the development and execution of journey management plans and logistical support. Client trips can vary substantially; therefore, we use a standard process whereby the journey management plan is designed specifically for travellers and aligned with their business needs.

The journey management process follows the Castor Vali security planning process and is continuously assessed to ensure it remains current and relevant. The plans contain all project-critical information, emergency details, planned routes, contingency plans, identification of safe havens and vetted medical facilities.

24/7 Regional Operation Centres Hotline support

Castor Vali maintains and operates three fully equipped 24/7 operation centres. These centres are the integration cells where all operational information is collated and managed. The core functions are based within our East and West African headquarters, in Kenya and Nigeria, respectively and monitored from the UK.

The Castor Vali operation centres provide clients with a 24/7 crisis management point of contact for all operational services. We have established standard operating procedures that have been refined through our extensive experience and progressive approach to continual improvement. These support functions include:

  • 24/7 Operational support (phone line and email communications)
  • Liaison and training with deployed personnel/team and management
  • SMS and email intelligence reporting
  • Tracking through our online platforms
  • Emergency response coordination
  • Corporate social responsibility project oversight
  • In-house desktop scenario-based training
  • Remote monitoring
  • General advice and operational support


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