Crisis Management Planning and Support

Castor Vali offers a range of services to organisations to help them to plan for, mitigate and respond to crisis situations in onshore and offshore environments.

Crisis Response

A crisis can take many forms and, in some circumstances can be hard to predict. Mitigation measures reduce the risk of exposure to a crisis; however, clients have a duty to take all appropriate steps to create a safe environment for their personnel and must be prepared to act swiftly in the event of an emergency.

It is critical that all levels of the business, including the executive, are fully trained, and prepared on how to react in a crisis situation. It is for this reason that Castor Vali bridges our crisis response plans to satisfy project and client criteria to ensure alignment. This enables clear communication and dissemination of information in a targeted and agreed manner, before and during any incident, ensuring every individual understands their role should a crisis arise.

Whether it is simple operational support, mobilisation of local resources, an embedded crisis manager or full evacuation, Castor Vali provides support across the complete incident cycle through to closure and recovery.

Company Evacuation Plan

Evacuations are almost always conducted at short notice and during an unfolding crisis. Resources such as experienced evacuation consultants, aircraft and local vehicles are usually in high demand during crises. Our experience has taught us that attempting to conduct such an operation without prior planning is much harder than when comprehensive planning and essential resource allocation have been established and tested.

In these situations, a company and country-specific evacuation plan, is highly recommended. The company evacuation plan will consider the company’s preparedness for risk, including the safety of their staff and reputational protection, as well as other company priorities.

Security Planning

Castor Vali is highly experienced in producing detailed project security plans for complex projects onshore and offshore. Project security plans are borne from a risk assessment that shapes the mitigation measures to ensure clients are not exposed to avoidable risks.

Castor Vali’s global experience means that is it very likely that we have prior experience working within the region or sector our clients are working in. Our advanced level of understanding can greatly assist clients with the preparation, implementation and efficacy of their security plans.


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