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Crew Training

Planning and delivering information, security training and guidance in high-risk environments is another specialised service offered by Castor Vali.

People are any organisation’s most important asset, and preparing them is paramount. Since our incorporation, Castor Vali has been delivering bespoke training packages to prepare our clients’ personnel for operations in high-risk areas. Our training is planned and designed to meet clear objectives, elevating individual and team skill levels, building confidence and delivering results. Our training is delivered by our specialist staff who share their experience and knowledge to ensure crews are operationally prepared. Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have further developed our remote and eLearning training packages.

Castor Vali has vast experience in delivering specific training courses for government and commercial security forces, as well as the private sector. We assist national security forces — including military, police officers and coast guards — to ensure joint capabilities are efficiently managed and supported. Our training teams are manned by experienced former military forces and emergency service personnel with specific experience in training national security forces in hostile environments and frontier locations.

SAT: Castor Vali employs the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) methodology. This approach incorporates evaluation through a focused course curriculum developed to meet a specific need, expectation and audience. It is a proven method of training developed by military and security professionals and is becoming the global best practice for leading training programmes and initiatives to provide learning transformation and lasting change.

SAT is a five-phase process that ensures customer-defined goals are reached:

  1. Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation or Control

This approach enables results-oriented training programmes that provide people with the skills and knowledge to deliver their tasks correctly, efficiently and with confidence.

Onshore pre-project training:

eLearning: This fast-growing platform is an excellent way to enhance people’s knowledge and skills before deploying to the high-tempo environment in support of energy-based projects.

Castor Vali’s eLearning portal provides customers with an interactive, self-paced programme that allows participants to develop their security knowledge and skillset to fit their busy work and personal lives. Our courses are focused on key topics such as surveillance, journey management planning, incident management, kidnapping and survival techniques.

HEAT: For our more advanced operational and frontier travellers, to high-risk environments, Castor Vali’s Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is an intensive practical course with hands-on activities that allow participants to explore their reactions to learn, apply and experience lifesaving behaviours through realistic simulations.

This specialised programme aims to improve personal security and self-awareness for people who travel to hostile environments. Our well-tested learning process builds on the three-phase methodology of (1) learning theory, (2) putting classroom learning into practice and (3) testing newly gained skills in realistic simulations.

For such courses, we incorporate a train-the-trainer approach to develop the students’ basic skills to provide security and hostile environment training techniques to client personnel. The students do not leave this course as fully qualified HEAT instructors, as this comes with years of experience.

Castor Vali will develop training material unique to each client, incorporating real-life scenarios your staff members are likely to face. To do this, our instructors work with key stakeholders during the course’s lead-up.


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