Africa Security Information Service Packages

Africa Security Information Service Packages

Castor Vali has dedicated country risk analysts based in three regional hubs in Africa – Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – supported by a network of African consultants that produce a wide variety of country-focused subscription reporting for all 54 states.

While levels of reporting vary across regions of strategic interest, these subscriptions entail access to the following types of reporting across Africa:

  • Daily roundups of major political, security and economic events from the day before. These are delivered each weekday morning (available for all countries).
  • Alerts to major events on an ongoing basis, sent via SMS/WhatsApp and email. This includes alerting to current and future events (available for select countries).
  • Weekly reports of political, socio-economic and security events in the country from the previous week. Additional graphics and maps are also provided (available for select countries).
  • Monthly reports assessing the major political, security and economic events from each month (available for all countries).
  • Deep Dives into trending issues as and when they arise in a country (available for all countries).

We encourage our clients to test our services and offer free trials to interested clients at any time. Please complete the form below to access these reports:

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Within our Africa SIS Reporting Packages, we have a number of premier countries with enhanced reporting across a variety of topics to support our clients. Premier countries include Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Burkina Faso. For further information on this service, please see below.

Castor Vali is continuously developing and evolving our product and service offerings, which are driven by client demand. Should you require a different level of reporting than is currently offered, we can tailor reports to fit your needs at a nominal additional cost. For more information, use the contact form below or email us at

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