We are proud to announce that as of July 2020, Castor Vali became a member of the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA).

“ISOA’s mission is to foster effective international stability through member engagement, networking, and advocacy operations by means of our Four Pillars:

  • Member Company Success
  • Government Advocacy
  • Partnerships & Outreach
  • Research & Analysis”

Membership of ISOA is open to organisations who are leaders in the stability operations and development sectors and provide services in fragile environments worldwide. As a corporate member Castor Vali is a signatory to the ISOA Code of Conduct.

The Castor Vali Group is a global security and risk management company supporting complex land-based and offshore projects to the highest industry standards. We, therefore, believe that membership of ISOA is the perfect fit for us.

Castor Vali joins a select network of organisations worldwide who endeavour to “protect during conflict, deliver aid in disaster, build homes during recovery, train police and strengthen governance in the wake of tragedy – all working toward a common goal to lay the foundations for development, investment and long term growth.”

Steve Grant, Castor Vali’s Managing Director states that Castor Vali joined ISOA because as “a UK-based and Africa-focused Security and Risk Management provider that penetrates the US market and in particular the primes who work extensively in Africa. This work has been challenging. It is our hope that through our membership in ISOA we will increase our exposure to those markets and have the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and participate in opportunities for work that are difficult to access without US exposure.”

For more information about our areas of operation and services please feel free to contact us on: info@castorvali.com

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