Incident Preparedness Training


Castor Vali has developed a bespoke training course designed to help your employees to be better prepared should a terrorist attack occur at their place of work.

Who is IPT designed for?

Incident Preparedness Training (IPT) is designed for small, medium and large businesses and organisations, from multi-national companies to NGOs or Government departments. The training is designed for ALL staff, regardless of their background or experience.  

Why is IPT needed?

Terrorist attacks in Nairobi are infrequent – this makes their impact more severe as people are not prepared for them. Evidence shows that most casualties of terrorist attacks are those who have been inactive in the face of the threat – they have frozen, either because of fear or because they have been waiting for direction from managers that never came.  This training is designed to give all staff the confidence that they can escape an attack in the unlikely event of one occurring at their place of work.

What is the threat?

The terrorist threat in Kenya is from violent Islamist extremists.  In Kenya, the Somali-based Islamist extremist group al-Shabaab seek to conduct high-profile attacks with the aim of forcing the Kenyan Government and its international allies to withdraw their military forces from Somalia. Small teams of al-Shabaab fighters, who have been trained and radicalised for up a year, are sent at intervals to conduct attacks that will attract the attention of international media, and create shock and fear amongst Kenyans and foreigners alike. Some of these attacks are disrupted by security forces before they can take place, but some do transpire.  They are not frequent, but this threat will endure.

What is delivered in an IPT session?

Incident Preparedness Training consists of two, three-hour training sessions, delivered in one day at the client’s site. Each session can accommodate 30 participants. The training sessions are led by an international counter-terrorism expert and supported by experienced Kenyan security advisors and medics.

The sessions focus on understanding the terrorist threat, the security forces’ likely response and the recommended actions to take.  Interspersed in the training is emergency first-aid training focusing on gun-shot-wounds, blast injuries and shock. The sessions are designed to be non-threatening and accessible for all. The aim is not to frighten but to give people the confidence to continue their lives as normal. The training is specific for the site at which it is delivered. Audience participation is facilitated and strongly encouraged; site-specific solutions are much more effective if staff members who work there help to develop them.

An attendance certificate is issued after the sessions.

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