Host Nation Forces Liaison

Facilitating the planning and legal procurement of host nation forces support across Africa is another crucial security service that Castor Vali offers.

The arrangement of host nation forces differs from country to country, and ensuring legal compliance is of utmost importance. Castor Vali works closely with our clients to ensure the correct procurement process is understood and followed. We are well respected and recognised by all stakeholders for applying the correct approach when working alongside any host nation security force. To be successful in our role and to be able to foster the working relationship into a cohesive team, Castor Vali understands that the first 24 hours are the most critical to the success of the relationship. Our teams conduct cultural and sensitivity training to ensure the correct approach and balance are established.

To achieve our objectives, Castor Vali combines our vast military heritage and commercial knowledge. We bridge the gap between international expectations and local limitations. We achieve this with an understanding of the complex cultural sensitivities and nuances of the host countries, and following a proven formula of mentoring and development to achieve compliance and commercial delivery expectations by delivering a balanced approach that is culturally sensitive and aimed at ensuring adherence to expected international best practices.


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