Coronavirus – how prepared are you?

Castor Vali is prepared. Castor Vali has put in place robust business continuity measures to ensure that we can still deliver high quality security risk management services to all our Maritime, Energy Sector, Corporate and Private clients in these challenging times.

The Castor Vali Nairobi 24/7 Operations Centre is ready for anything. Castor Vali has created a robust business continuity plan to ensure the continued effectiveness of our 24/7 Operations Centre. Our  Operations Officers and Security Analysts have been reinforced and split into a number of separate teams. The teams are isolated from other staff to ensure that we always have sufficient capacity to cope with illness or enforced self-isolation measures. Other measures have been planned for and resourced; we will enact them if required in coming weeks.

Castor Vali’s expanded range of services

COVID-19 Information Service. Are you struggling to cope with the volume of information circulating about COVID-19? Do you worry about false or misleading information? Castor Vali has developed a COVID-19 Information Service for Kenya.  With regular reports published on Tuesdays and Fridays, and additional, urgent alerts sent on a 24/7 basis, it will be your most reliable and informative source of information to help you make the best personal and professional decisions. Sign up here to your free one week trial:

Read more in our article about Coronavirus and business preparedness, published on the 6th March here.

Castor Vali can help with Business Continuity planning. Are you worried about how you will keep your business running if staff are required to self-quarantine, or become ill?  Castor Vali has huge experience in preparing bespoke Business Continuity (BC) plans for a range of organisations, large and small.  Our local and international experts can help develop graduated BC plans to keep your organisation functioning. Email

Castor Vali Crisis Response Service expanded. To help everyone cope with the unexpected in Kenya in these uncertain times, Castor Vali has increased the capacity, and reduced our pricing of our popular Crisis Response Service.  We provide a market leading smartphone emergency application and 24/7 hotline, providing both corporate and private clients the reassurance of knowing a security professional is available to provide security advice and assistance at any time. Email

Castor Vali Security Information Service for Kenya. Would your business managers benefit from the leading Kenya Security Information Service (SIS) to help them stay ahead of your competitors?  Would you be reassured if you knew your staff were receiving accurate, timely and verified security alerts and reports.  Would you like to read in-depth analysis of all the recent security incidents and events, along with forecasting and advice to help you make more informed decisions in this uncertain time? The service has just been enhanced with the addition of a COVID-19 Information Service for subscribers at no extra cost. Email for your two-week free trial.

Castor Vali Remote Monitoring. Worried about the security of your commercial or residential property? Castor Vali can install an integrated CCTV system to your home or business premise quickly and reliably. You can view all camera feeds on your mobile device, but our secure 24/7 Operations Centre, run to international standards in Nairobi, will provide 24/7 monitoring and response, meaning that a trained security professional is always watching your property. Email

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