Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness Audit and Report


Castor Vali has developed a bespoke security audit and report process called the Terrorism Preparedness and Prevention Audit and Report (TPPAR).  This enhanced Security Risk Assessment focuses on major incident preparedness.

Who is TPPAR designed for?

The TPPAR is designed for medium and large-sized, multi-use complexes such as office buildings, shopping malls and hotels. The client could be the building owners, the property managers or individual tenants.

Why is TPPAR needed?

Office buildings, shopping malls and hotels in Kenya are generally well designed from a fire, safety and crime prevention perspective. Most modern complexes have been designed with the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) in mind. To deter or mitigate the effects of a terrorist attack, different considerations are required – often these are lacking in complexity, which could be targeted by terrorists.

What is the threat?

The terrorist threat in Kenya is from violent Islamist extremists.  In Kenya, the Somali-based Islamist extremist group al-Shabaab seek to conduct high-profile attacks with the aim of forcing the Kenyan Government and its international allies to withdraw their military forces from Somalia. Small teams of al-Shabaab fighters, who have been trained and radicalised for up a year, are sent at intervals to conduct attacks that will attract the attention of international media and create shock and fear amongst Kenyans and foreigners alike. Some of these attacks are disrupted by security forces before they can take place, but some do transpire.  They are not frequent, but this threat will endure.

What is involved in the TPPAR audit?

A team of three experts will visit the site and spend between four and eight hours conducting the audit, depending on the size and complexity of the site, in daylight and after dark.  The audit team comprises an international security professional with extensive experience and risk management qualifications, supported by two Kenyan experts – one with a technical security background the other a guarding background. The team will conduct a detailed vulnerability assessment and test all the security systems – physical, technical and procedural.

What does the TPPAR report look like?

The final pdf report provides a vulnerability overview of all aspects of the physical security, security technologies, and operational processes of the complex. The report will address the vulnerabilities with realistic recommendations that are based on international best practices.

In our experience, most significant recommendations are procedural and can be implemented without huge expense.  The intention is to persuade any hostile reconnaissance that the site is well prepared and should not be chosen as a target for attack.

What does a TPPAR cost?

The price starts from USD 2,250 excluding VAT.

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