Terrorism Active Shooter Awareness Courses

You are now more likely to experience a major terrorist or active shooter attack than ever before. Our Terrorism and Active Shooter (TAS) Awareness Courses are specifically designed to teach you how to increase your chances of survival during a major attack in an urban environment.

We offer three courses which follow official UK Government guidelines, enhanced with specialist military experience and training principles:

  • Basic Terrorism Active Shooter Awareness Course (B-TAS)
  • Advanced Terrorism Awareness & Planning (A-TAP)
  • Practical Terrorism Active Shooter Awareness Course (P-TAS)
  • We also provide Physical Penetration Testing services

Our courses use scenario-based training with deactivated firearms, to convey the nature of a terrorist or Active Shooter attack in a safe and controlled manner taught by former Royal Marines and Special Forces instructors. As any urban workplace may suddenly become the epicentre of a major attack our courses provide employers with a unique opportunity for their employees to learn critical survival skills in a controlled and safe classroom environment.

We look forward to empowering you with the knowledge to survive. Please email: info@castorvali.com or call +44 (0)118 900 1406.