Travel Assist – Worldwide Travel Safety Reports

Travel safety reports are developed to operate within Castor Vali’s TrackAssist platform to assist both companies and individuals with extensive travel schedules, to understand the potential risks and challenges they may face in the locations to which they travel.

Designed to be fast and user friendly, the platform is able to provide quick high-level travel safety reports for the traveller.

Currently covering 225 countries and territories the service allows the traveller or company security officer to quickly generate a current travel safety report on any one of these locations. Once the country of interest has been selected the user can further specify key locations or cities to enhance the accuracy and value of the report before generating it. The report is produced in a downloadable PDF and covers key travel security threats of:

  • Crime
  • Kidnapping
  • Civil Unrest
  • Terrorism
  • Conflict
  • Medical

All these key areas are provided with a risk rating from Low to Very High and clearly displayed in the report for ease of review. In addition to assessing personal risk exposure, the platform includes country­-specific safety and security advice to minimise these risks. This includes:

  • General overview of the location’s risks
  • General Advice
  • Basic Information Useful to Travellers
  • Pre-Travel Advice
  • Transport Advice
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