Project Security Plans

Castor Vali also develops bespoke project security plans, aligning all client and end-client policies and procedures.

Castor Vali is highly experienced in producing detailed project security plans for complex offshore and land-based projects. We have a proven track record of successfully supporting complex projects in challenging environments. For our clients, we provide bespoke project planning that uses our unique process of Intelligence Risk Mitigation Response based on ISO 31000 risk management guidelines. Our security planning is designed to work within the framework of national and international legislation. Plans are developed in collaboration with our clients, bridging international requirements and any existing overarching security framework.

Our security plans aim to outline the security procedures designed to significantly reduce risks to personnel, equipment and reputation posed by security threats. The plan will detail a programme that includes process layers to deter, detect, delay and deny security threats, enabling the project and its personnel to identify a risk situation and appropriately respond in a timely manner. We support our clients with:

  • Project Security Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Protocols, Standard Operating Procedures and Threat Registers
  • ISO Standards for SOPs
  • Journey Management Plans

In many cases, Castor Vali drafts the project security plan on behalf of our client. We bridge the plan with any existing overarching security plan and other stakeholders.


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