Nigeria Security Information Service

Castor Vali’s team of dedicated Nigeria-based country risk analysts prides itself on supporting clients not only in Nigeria but across West Africa. This team of analysts based in Lagos and Abuja provide our clients with a range of subscription-based and bespoke reporting services, as detailed below: 

Nigeria SIS Onshore Reporting Package

Clients frequently sign onto our standard monthly Nigeria intelligence package to monitor country risk developments in the country on an ongoing basis. Subscriptions can be activated at any time and entail access to:

  • Daily roundups of major political, security, and economic events from the day prior. 
  • Alerting to major events on an ongoing basis, sent as both SMS and email.
  • Weekly reports of political and security trends each week, sent on Tuesdays.
  • Monthly reports assessing the major events from each month. 
  • Deep Dives into trending issues as and when they arise in the country. 

Nigeria SIS Offshore Reporting Package

  • Flash Alerts of global maritime crime and piracy developments, with a focus on the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Weekly Report summarising the key maritime events from each week, supported by graphs and maps.

Security Information Service Trial

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Nigeria Bespoke Reporting

Many clients also approach us to answer a specific question/conduct a focused assessment to support their operations in-country. Example reporting types available for Nigeria are as follows:

  • A pre-market entry assessment: This can take many forms, but generally such reports review the political, economic, security and sector landscape that clients intend to operate in before entering the market.  
  • Due Diligence investigations: These include background and compliance checks on individuals/companies clients intend to operate with. 
  • Threat assessments: These reports detail the threats to clients’ proposed operations (with a focus on security) in the area of business. 
  • Security Risk Assessment: This builds on the threat assessment by not only detailing the threats in the area but by expanding on the likelihood and impact of these threats manifesting at the site in question and the site’s vulnerability in this regard. 

Castor Vali is constantly developing and evolving our product and service offerings which are driven by client demand. Should you require an alternative level of reporting that is not currently offered, or reports for countries not currently listed we can tailor reports to fit your needs. For more information use the contact form below or email us at

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