Burkina Faso Security Information Service

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The Burkina Faso Security Information Service provides businesses worldwide with sources of accurate, verified and timely information about Burkina Faso to empower their operations whilst maintaining awareness of areas of interest for the future.

Burkina Faso Regular Security Information Reports

  • Daily Incident Report – providing notifications of events which occurred in the previous day in a short easy to digest format.
  • Monthly Security Report (MSR) – Sent on the 6th working day of each month, covering the previous month. The MSR focuses on the most significant security incidents and events of the month, with the context and our analysis.

Burkina Faso Incident-led Reports

  • Security Alert (SA)for ongoing or significant reported and verified incidents, sent by email.

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Castor Vali is constantly developing and evolving our product and service offerings which are driven by client demand. If you are not able to find what you are looking for in our current range of reports we can assist with tailored reports.  For instance, if you require a higher level of reporting than is currently offered, or reports for countries not currently listed we can tailor reports to fit your needs for a nominal additional cost. For more information use the contact form below or email us at info@castorvali.com

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