Why Take the Risk?

Personal Security Risk Management Services

Castor Vali believes that all families and individuals should have access to simple, affordable services that keep them safe. To this end, we have taken some of the most effective and popular services and tailored them specifically for the person, not the organisation. Do you want, for example:

  • a professional simple security survey of your home to better understand where it may be vulnerable to criminals?
  • the peace of mind of confirming that your domestic staff have no criminal record?
  • for you or your family to be able to access 24/7 emergency support, whether it’s a road traffic incident, a robbery or a terrorist attack?
  • the peace of mind to know the location and status of your family members who may be near to an incident location?
  • the benefits of high-quality first-aid or urban survival training?

Personal Security Risk Management Services – Case Study

A European family living in a Nairobi suburb suffered a violent robbery in their home. Shortly afterwards, they moved to a new home and wanted to ensure that it was as secure as possible, without becoming a fortress. The principle wage earner in the family was employed on a local contract and so did not qualify for a residential security survey, or other expatriate benefits. The family took advantage of Castor Vali’s Personal Residential Security Survey and received a simple-to-understand report with a range of prioritised recommendations. Castor Vali also helped them make informed choices as they implemented the recommendations. The family also used Castor Vali’s Domestic Employee Background Check service to vet their household staff and signed up for the Personal Security Application. Now all the family have an application on their phones that allows them to summon help 24/7, reassured that Castor Vali’s Operations Centre will know exactly where they are when they need assistance.

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