Maritime Security Services

Castor Vali has successfully provided maritime security solutions to the industry since 2011. We were founded as a maritime security company and continue to lead in our innovation of a wide range of maritime security services. Our global footprint, partnerships and longstanding within the industry best places us to support clients through the Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean High Risk Areas.

We pay particular attention to the quality of a carefully selected pool of specialist consultants, all of whom are fully trained and qualified with significant experience of providing maritime security services.

Intelligence Reports

Castor Vali produce two maritime intelligence reports:

Flash Reports: As part of our commitment to seafarer safety, these are free to all users and can be viewed here or sent to you direct via email when you sign up here.

Weekly Maritime Piracy Reports: tailored, land and maritime reports, accompanied by incisive analysis of recent events and regional trends. The report enables an in-depth understanding of risk and impact as well as informing the decision making process. To welcome you to Castor Vali, we are providing a no obligation two-week trial. Find out more information and sign up here:

Transit Security

Castor Vali remains a leading supplier of armed and unarmed transit security services. We are pre-vetted and a trusted supplier to a vast and varied client list, proven in our services, trusted for our quality and respected for our delivery. We can provide services in all ports and can react quickly to any requests. As a Group we hold all leading Flag State approvals and we regularly operate on board vessels sailing under numerous other flags.

Armed Security Escort

Where local laws or vessel logistics prohibit the embarkation of armed personnel, Castor Vali are proven in the delivery and support of armed security escort vessels. Our security solution is compliant with both local and international law and conforms to VPSHR and RUF procedures.

In challenging environments where service delivery is often unreliable, Castor Vali is trusted to provide a local solution that meets the standards and expectations of our international client base. We offer lump sum pricing for an inspected and sea trialed vessel, with an armed host nation approved team, security liaison officer, local management and all security equipment relevant to the task.


We are highly respected and come recommended within the Superyacht industry, with a proven track record in the delivery of security services, armed and unarmed, onshore and offshore. Castor Vali’s Superyacht personnel receive additional training on yacht etiquette and general bearing on board.

Vessel Hardening Assessments

Vessel hardening is an integral part of the security plan. A well-hardened vessel and trained crew will most certainly deter and delay any assailant. Castor Vali has years of experience in hardening all types and classes of vessel. We follow Best Management Practices as a guideline, whilst applying a common sense approach and our industry experience to hardening, with consideration to the vessel arrangement, working nature, health & safety and the operating environment. Collaborating with client management, master and crew, Castor Vali will provide appropriate and effective hardening measures.

Maritime Intelligence

We utilise both open and privileged sources to provide our clients with ‘Weekly’ and ‘Incident’ intelligence reporting through our 24/7 Operation Centre. Additionally, we provide bespoke related reporting on a wide range of deliverables to suit both maritime and land domains. Our intelligence is generated by a team of multilingual analysts with strong geopolitical knowledge and subject matter expertise. We can also provide detailed assessments to help our clients understand the threats they face. Read more here.


Somalia Marine Police Unit

Castor Vali were contracted to provide a maritime training package to the Somalia Marine Police Unit (MPU) in Mogadishu. This consisted of a 3-week program to deliver 4 modules to a total of 48 MPU officers. Topics included: Engineering, Seamanship, Craft Maintenance, Basic Fire Fighting, First Aid, Operational Planning, Metrology, Navigation, International Maritime Conventions and ISPS Codes. Senior officers were also mentored on the development of policy, frameworks and documents to generate a sustainable plan to move the MPU forward in line with governmental / international policy and funding.

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