Energy Sector Security Services

In 2012 Castor Vali expanded and diversified from being a leading maritime transit security company into supporting the upstream oil and gas industry with complex geotechnical and geophysical projects on both the East and West Coast of Africa.

Today we are one of the largest providers to the industry.

Contracted directly by the Oil Majors and Service Providers, Castor Vali is proud to be the leading risk management company to the offshore seismic industry, holding the largest track record in project security support within high-risk waters.

Intelligence Reports

Castor Vali produce two maritime intelligence reports:

Flash Reports: As part of our commitment to seafarer safety, these are free to all users and can be viewed here or sent to you direct via email when you sign up here.

Weekly Maritime Piracy Reports: tailored, land and maritime reports, accompanied by incisive analysis of recent events and regional trends. The report enables an in-depth understanding of risk and impact as well as informing the decision making process. To welcome you to Castor Vali, we are providing a no obligation two-week trial. Find out more information and sign up here:

Offshore Security

Our specialist operators and management team have wide ranging experience and knowledge of delivering and managing project solutions in high-risk waters. Our teams are the leading professionals in the delivery of offshore security, having supported multiple offshore projects, both static and moving, near shore and deep water. We are committed to the highest industry standards, with safety remaining as our primary focus with a thorough approach to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Field Security Operations

Whether operating on a static drilling site or on mobile seismic operations, our experienced Field Security Advisors provide clients with appropriate and reliable security oversight, ensuring projects are delivered in accordance with client specifications for quality, safety, timeliness and budget.

Castor Vali has a holistic approach to the provision of security, and provides dedicated points of contact throughout the project lifecycle to ensure continuity. Relationships with local communities, host nation security forces and other stakeholders are critical to ensuring the success of any remote operation. Castor Vali’s advisors assist with bridging these relationships, ensuring that safety and security remain at the forefront of the project, whilst allowing the client the freedom to focus on their core business.

Armed Security Escort

Where local laws or vessel logistics prohibit the embarkation of armed personnel, Castor Vali are proven in the delivery and support of armed security escort vessels. Our security solution is compliant with both local and international law and conforms to VPSHR and RUF procedures.

In challenging environments where service delivery is often unreliable, Castor Vali is trusted to provide a local solution that meets the standards and expectations of our international client base. We offer lump sum pricing for an inspected and sea trialed vessel, with an armed host nation approved team, security liaison officer, local management and all security equipment relevant to the task.

Security Planning

We are highly experienced in supporting complex projects and develop bespoke project planning for our clients, following our proven risk management process of “Intelligence – Risk – Mitigation – Response”. Our security planning is designed to work within the framework of local national, flag state and international laws. Plans are developed in collaboration with our clients, bridging international requirements and any existing overarching security framework.

We support our clients with:

  • Project Security Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Protocols, SOP’s and threat registers 
  • ISO standards for SOP’s
  • Journey Management Plans

Crew Change Logistics

We recognise the challenges associated with crew changes on vessels calling at countries with high risk profiles. We are able to provide a risk assessed, onshore solution, which is industry complaint; all through our assured supply chain where due diligence checks have been carried out on all local suppliers.

Country and risk assessment dependent, Castor Vali can arrange for armed police escorts, safety-checked vehicles, tracking, information, meet and greet, risk assessed hotels and journey management.

Vessel Hardening Assessments

Vessel hardening is an integral part of the security plan. A well-hardened vessel and trained crew will most certainly deter and delay any assailant. Castor Vali has years of experience in hardening all types and classes of vessel. We follow Best Management Practices as a guideline, whilst applying a common sense approach and our industry experience to hardening, with consideration to the vessel arrangement, working nature, health & safety and the operating environment. Collaborating with client management, master and crew, Castor Vali will provide appropriate and effective hardening measures.

Maritime Intelligence

We utilise both open and privileged sources to provide our clients with ‘Weekly’ and ‘Incident’ intelligence reporting through our 24/7 Operation Centre. Additionally, we provide bespoke related reporting on a wide range of deliverables to suit both maritime and land domains. Our intelligence is generated by a team of multilingual analysts with strong geopolitical knowledge and subject matter expertise. We can also provide detailed assessments to help our clients understand the threats they face. Read more here.

Community Engagement

Understanding and managing complex relationships is key to developing project acceptance. Castor Vali community liaison officers are experienced in working with local people and all major stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of any project.

They also gain an appreciation of community priorities in order to identify and implement Corporate Social Responsibility programs which help maintain productive and harmonious relationships throughout a project’s lifetime.

Where appropriate, local personnel are vetted and trained to work alongside Castor Vali’s advisors. As well as providing employment opportunities for the local communities; this enables a beneficial combination of local knowledge and specialist expertise.

Host Nation Forces

Castor Vali is one of a small handful of companies which can demonstrate a track record of successfully worked alongside host nation forces within high risk waters. We are well respected and recognised for applying the correct, local approach when operating alongside the host nation.

Castor Vali combines our military heritage and experience, with commercial knowledge and understanding. We bridge the gap between international expectations and local limitations, regarding: ROE, RUF, VPSHR, HSE, SOLAS and others. We achieve this with an understanding of the complex cultural sensitivities and a proven formula of mentoring and development.

Case Study : Offshore Nigeria

Castor Vali Services Nigeria has supported the vast majority of recent Ocean Bottom Node Seismic surveys offshore Nigeria. Our support to our clients has included detailed risk assessment and security planning throughout the tendering, mobilisation and project phases. We supported our clients with both onshore and offshore security. Onshore we successfully provided secure journey management and hotel bookings for all crew changes. Offshore we have supported with dedicated security vessels, local and expat advisors, pre-mobilisation vessel hardening assessments, crew training and the overall implementation of the client’s security plan. In an environment as complex as Nigeria, our clients have benefited from our local footprint, network and the added value that Castor Vali are also a registered provider to their end client / Block Operator.

Case Study : Offshore Tanzania

Castor Vali Tanzania were contracted separately by two Block Operators to support their respective drilling campaigns offshore Mtwara, Tanzania. During both campaigns we provided our full range of offshore security services, but also played a key role in local content training and development. Our proposal introduced an innovative approach to local content requirements and in line with the clients’ criteria, recruited and trained a number of local nationals with the aim of developing the specialist skills of the local workforce. These individuals now hold internationally recognised qualifications and have the experience to gain employment within the maritime security industry.

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