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Corporate Security Risk Management Services

Castor Vali’s experience in providing market-leading security services to the Energy and Maritime sectors has allowed the development of a range of high-quality security risk management services that have been tailored for the corporate, development and government sectors. All our services are delivered to recognised international standards and designed with the common goal of creating the safest possible environment for staff, equipment, information and premises.

Coronavirus Business Support

Castor Vali has put in place robust business continuity measures to ensure that we can still deliver high quality security risk management services to all our Maritime, Energy Sector, Corporate and Private clients in these challenging times.

Our services include:

  • Crisis Response
  • Remote Monitoring
  • COVID-19 Information Service
  • Security Information Service
  • Business Continuity Planning

Castor Vali can provide you and your business with specialist support to ensure that you are prepared effectively.


Castor Vali’s TrackAssist range of services helps organisations to fulfil their duty of care responsibilities, particularly when their employees are required to travel in the course of their work.

Traveling by road is perhaps one of the most dangerous activities that staff will undertake, especially in higher risk areas. Even experienced staff are vulnerable.

Castor Vali will recommend the most cost effective and appropriate tracking solution, supported by a well equipped 24/7 Operations Centre staffed by our Operations team. We can create bespoke Journey Management and Security Plans, ensuring that resources are used in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

Castor Vali also provides vehicles, Field Security Advisors, medics and other support staff and equipment, appropriate to the assessed risks.

Using the Castor Vali TrackAssist service allows organisations to demonstrate that they have paid due attention to the safety and security of their staff and allows teams the freedom to focus on their core activities.

TrackAssist – Case Study

A global consulting firm with a policy of “safety first” and a stated goal of “zero serious incidents” had been contracted to conduct a major survey across six counties in Kenya. These counties contain some of the most challenging terrain and security challenges in the region. This company chose to contract Castor Vali Africa to provide the full range of TrackAssist services over an extended period of time. After eight months, Castor Vali had delivered numerous bespoke and comprehensive Journey Management Plans and supported many field visits. Castor Vali provided high quality vehicles, well trained drivers and experienced Field Security Advisors, all supported by a layered system of tracking, monitoring and 24/7 response. Our TrackAssist services allowed the company’s field surveyors to focus on their areas of expertise whilst Castor Vali took responsibility for their travel and safety. There were no incidents during the contracted period.

Research and Information

Castor Vali’s research and analysis team provides organisations with the security information and assessments they need to make timely and accurate decisions. We offer a market leading Security Information Service in Kenya, and can provide bespoke research and security information services for a wide range of other countries on request. We are currently offering a no obligation, two week, free trial of the Kenya Security Information Service. Click below to find out more and sign up.

Research and Information – Case Study

A small but fast-growing international company operating in an emerging market segment recently set up an office in Kenya. The company moved a small team of expatriate staff to the country and locally employed many more. The company recognised that they needed to quickly understand the environment in order to make informed business decisions and to keep their staff as safe as possible. They signed up for the Castor Vali Security Information Service with Daily Media Summaries, Weekly Security Reports and up-to-the-minute security alerts sent by SMS and email. This provided all staff with a range of local information to help them stay informed and safe. The company later commissioned Castor Vali to create a bespoke piece of analysis to support a specific business decision. This benefitted from Castor Vali’s security incident database, wide network of security sources and expertise in this area.

Corporate Assurance and Specialist Services

Castor Vali offers a wide range of specialist security risk management services for organisations, designed to help safeguard their employees, property, information, clients and reputation. All services can be tailored to our clients’ particular circumstances, which may include:

  • the need to better understand suspected misconduct in your workforce
  • verification of your employees’ identity, or educational and professional qualifications
  • the implementation of security policies and procedures
  • identifying and mitigating the risks of cyber attacks
  • understanding and mitigating against potential security vulnerabilities at your premises. Read more here.
  • preparing your staff for emergencies through accredited training courses. Read more here.
  • requiring expert assistance in providing security management for a professional event

Corporate Assurance and Specialist Services – Case Study

A large manufacturing company based in Kenya had been suffering losses for some months. They conducted an internal investigation and terminated the contracts of some staff members. The losses, however, continued. The company contracted Castor Vali to conduct a discreet investigation. Castor Vali did this and over a number of months uncovered the root cause of the problem, allowing the company to make minor adjustments to their procedures and personnel. The losses stopped, with a corresponding increase in morale and productivity.

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